Hi Richard:

Yeah, well, Ontario ain't the USA. I suspect the copyright owners here would never allow such a 
thing without huge up-front fees.

I'm more worried about non-availability of large parts of recorded history, because material will be 
caught in a limbo of little to no immediate commercial value but no incentive for the owner to put 
it in the PD. This is why I favor "use it or lose it" requirements and tax breaks for turning over 
materials to the PD (however I do NOT favor taxpayer funding of archival duties when copyright 
strings are still attached -- basically the ownership and all rights need to transfer with the 
archival materials). Big reforms in the law need to take place, but they won't given the current 
government. Gridlock will be the status quo for the foreseeable, we're basically a 50-50 nation and 
everyone in congress got elected by their district.

I haven't seen any 2013 stats yet, but I betcha CD production and sales actually grew last year. The 
reason -- lower average pricing due to the proliferation of low-per-disc-priced box sets.

For what it's worth, vinyl production and sales were also up. Physical media has a long way to go 

-- Tom Fine

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> On 2014-03-31 11:32 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> In theory, I can see everything going "virtual" at some point, but I'm
>> sure not going to predict when the last CD production plant is going to
>> close down!
> Hi, Tom,
> As far as libraries and music recordings are concerned, Robert is studying music at Western 
> University (formerly University of Western Ontario, just completing his 2nd year) and they have 
> all-access subscriptions to the Naxos library online for all the music students.
> That, coupled with the box sets we bought, has set him in good stead. They also reserve some CDs 
> at the library for people to go and listen.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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