Hi Rainer:

The most interesting things in Southern states are rarely on the beaten path. NC has experienced 
phenomenal growth in my lifetime, with many people migrating in from the Northeast and elsewhere. 
That genericises and "shines up" the newly-populated areas.

I suggest you get a Delorme state road atlas right in the airport book store (not the cheap map that 
the rental company will give you, and definitely don't rely on the GPS gizmo in the backwoods of the 
Southern US). Then take alternate back-roads routes whereever you go. The further up into the 
mountains you head, the more traditional NC culture you will find, although there are pockets of it 
everywhere. When you start seeing soda machines on porches, you're headed in the right direction.

When you get back down into the gleaming cities, there are plenty of museums and other tourist 
places to be found. It's the South, so there will be good food to be had everywhere, and it's best 
to ask the locals for recommendations (the best food needs the least public advertising). Carolina 
BBQ is its own style, a different flavor and sauce from Texas or Memphis/Delta or Georgia. The 
further out of the cities you get, the more likely you are to hear the last vestiges of the unique 
Carolina accent and speech pattern, especially up in the mountains but not in the 
tourist/second-home areas. And the coastal area is a whole other unique region.

-- Tom Fine

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> Arriving in Durham on the 9th of May I have  some four days to spend before the conference starts.
> Are there any spectacular sights, modern art museums, fine dining, outstanding bed & breakfast or 
> any other recommendations (antiquing?) to wet my appetite, and reachable by rented car?
> See you in Chapel Hill
> Rainer
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