...and some (like my 244, which is ironically low hours and refurbed 
with new rubber parts a few years ago) unfortunately have DBX noise 
reduction that you can not turn off.

On 3/13/14 9:46 AM, Paul Stamler wrote:
> On 3/13/2014 2:59 PM, Andrew Dapuzzo wrote:
>> Does anyone know if the same possibility exists for cassettes?
>> machines that "could reproduce 4 tracks at once, which would speed up 
>> the
>> digitization project. You'll need to reverse the two backwards 
>> channels" in
>> the DAW?
>> When we duplicated prerecorded music cassettes we recorded them this way
>> but I am unaware of a playback machine that could playback all four at
>> once.  I assume they don't exist but .....
> They do, or rather, they did; they were called "Tascam Portastudios", 
> and were intended for 4-track recordings with overdubs. The reason I'm 
> using the past tense is that a lot of these machines have reached the 
> end of their wear cycles.
> Peace,
> Paul


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