Hi Lise:

If I remember your original post correctly, you were saying these are your own private tapes, which 
you are transferring for your own use and eventually donating to an archive. You said they were 
3.75IPS, recorded in quarter-track "mono", meaning one pass four times, to quadruple recording time 
per reel (ie 4 hours on a 1200 foot reel, 6 hours on a 1800 foot reel).

This format is easily dubbed with any consumer quarter-track deck. I'm going to assume your Tandberg 
was in good shape and so a replacement deck in good shape could easily be azimuth-adjusted to match 
your original tapes. You don't need to go looking for a 4-channel/4-track deck for this job, 
especially if you want to monitor the audio as you dub it.

Some models I would recommend, which will be of more modern vintage, rock-solid design and of just 
fine sound quality for what you are doing:

1. Pioneer RT-707
2. Teac X-7 or X-7R
3. Technics 1500 or 1800

All of these decks run "native" at 3.75IPS, all have user-adjustable azimuth for the play head(s), 
and all play quarter-track tapes.

I know of a Teac X-7R in good condition, ping me off-list if you want to be put in contact with the 
person selling it.

-- Tom Fine

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> thanks, both of you!
> Lise
> On Mar 14, 2014, at 8:38 AM, James Roth wrote:
>> Lou, you could be right, though, for myself, I've had some really good luck.
>> Of course, I've also had a little not-so-good luck..... but mostly good.
>> Farming out is probably a safer or safest way to go.
>> Regards,
>> Ben
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>> project
>> Benjamin, I would NOT advise an archivist to try to get into restoring an old tape deck. None of 
>> those linked seem to be in restored condition, some may be barely working or not at all.
>> Better she "farm out" the remainder of the tapes to a dedicated professional, such as Mr Hess, or 
>> ahem myself, for digitization.
>> I believe, however, that she has responded that she has the infromation she needs and will be 
>> contacting one of us near her.
>> <L>
>> Lou Judson
>> Intuitive Audio
>> 415-883-2689
>> On Mar 14, 2014, at 5:22 AM, James Roth wrote:
>>> Greetings Ms. Menn
>>> Thank you for the inquiry about 4-track tape decks.
>>> I, personally, don't know where there might be one in good enough condition for you to complete 
>>> your digitizing task.
>>> However, there IS Ebay and they seem to have quite a few for sale.
>>> Here are a few 4-track tape decks which might serve your purpose.
>>> BTW: I've purchased several (9 or 10) different kinds of items (mostly printers and tape decks) 
>>> from Ebay sellers and was satisfied most of the time.
>>> You'll have recourse should you not be satisfied with anything you buy from them.
>>> I wish you the best of luck.
>>> Regards,
>>> Benjamin Roth