The Music Hall turntable shown is the Chinese ripoff of the Technics 1200, versions of which sold by 
"Stanton" and Numark drove Technics out of the turntable business a couple years ago. It's an OK 
mechanism, not as good as Technics but not terrible. I have a "Stanton" version. The tonearm and 
tonearm-lifter mechanism are not up to Technics standards, but the motor drive is good. If you buy 
one of these, go get a good heavy rubber mat like Technics used to include, and use a clamp like 
KAB's, and you'll cut way down on rumble.

As for the headphones, you can get sound like what is described out of the Grados for $150 with the 
Audio-Technica ATH-M50. Those are my go-to phones nowadays.

For a low-cost vinyl playback system along these lines (and you can count on "good enough" sound 
quality from this rig, make no mistake about that, meaning it'll be fine for the vast majority of 
listeners), I recommend the Shure M97 cartridge. At $100 or less, it is the best value low-priced 
cartridge out there. If you want somewhat better and more accurate sound quality, you can't can't 
beat the Denon DL-110 for $130 or so.

I can't comment on the AudioEngine speakers or the headphone amp described.

-- Tom Fine

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> Not to start a discussion but for those who don't get the Wall Street
> Journal you might enjoy reading this if interested in NEW "Home" playback
> equipment:
> _Svelte  Systems for Spinning Vinyl - WSJ.com_
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