Preferred for what reason?

With jazz, orifinals always bring whatever premoum there is to the record.

An implication of lighter vinyl for early records is that the later ones
were processed using trasistorized equipment and the earlier ones used tube
equipment.  There are those who consider the later an important value

Condition of the tapes was surely better on the earlier masters made from

Many later jazz LP issues look like their earlier counterparts but may be
Japanese reisues, some from Japan, some from Japan and marketed by Fantasy.
You'd have to read reviews of these to figure out if the later processing
was better (to the reviewer's ear or psyche) than the original.  

Many factors.  Folks on this and other lists will probably chime in.   

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Vinyl weight and reissues

We are currently processing a gift of LPs. In comparing some of the LPs to
what we already hold in our collection we have noticed how some recordings
were reissued in lighter weight vinyl.
Some examples:
Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard again. Impulse AS-9124 Issue with
rainbow Impulse label is heavier than the issue with Impulse written in
script-type font

Coltrane Live at the Village Vanguard Impulse As-10 Impulse red, black, and
white label issue heavier than ABC/Impulse green label issue

John Coltrane Kulu se mama. Impulse As-9106 Issue with rainbow Impulse label
is heavier than ABC/Impulse green label issue

John Coltrane's Soultrane. Prestige PRLP 7142 and OJC-021 (distributed by
Fantasy) PRLP 7142 heavier than OJC-021

I was aware of more drastic cases with things like the RCA Vintage series
but didn't ever have side by side comparisons of Impulse and Prestige in
hand before.

Is it always true that the heavier weight issue is the preferred copy given
surfaces that are in equally good condition? Doesn't seem we're talking any
of the stereo-enhanced type of reissue here.

We're trying to decide if any of the heavier weight copies should be
retained for the collection based on their merit as being superior sources,
if that is indeed true.

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