Hi, Tom,

I think there is double good news in this:

(1) Science has moved really far from the original Avery Fisher days. It 
sounds as if ARUP can do real-time acoustic modelling and allow the 
design and client teams to hear the tradeoffs of design decisions. This 
is a few steps beyond SIASOFT, which was a real breakthrough 20 years 
ago (or so).

(2) ARUP has had an acoustics team for at least 20 years -- I worked 
with them on some projects during my last decade at NTC in Glendale, CA. 
They were very good, as I recall. It seems they are doing more of this 
type of work worldwide and it would be interesting to look at some of 
their recent projects and the reviews thereof.

On 2014-03-18 3:11 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Hopefully this won't be like the many mistaken iterations of Avery
> Fisher Hall
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>> If think the acoustics might just end up being on the good side of "state
>> of the art."  See
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