Hello everyone,

The reason I want to keep this phonograph working is just for demonstrations.
We already have 3 antique players: 1910 Edison cylinder in working condition; a 1911 Victor Victrola [working]; and a 1924 Victor Credenza [working].
I would like to find the tonearm just for demonstrations.
Does anyone know where I can find one?

Ben Roth

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That sounds like the tonearm headshell you are describing. Is there some value (other than atmospheric) to this old turntable? It seems like serviceable turntables should be relatively cheap these days.

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> Hello everyone,
> I just inherited an old portable Ultratone phonograph, made by Audio 
> Industries.
> The swinging extension arm(?) (the part that holds the head [with the 
> needle] broke.
> It seems to be made of pot metal.  I went to lift it to insert a 
> needle and it more-or-less crumbled.
> I have 3 pictures, so if anyone wants to see them, ping me off-line.
> I'm hoping I can get a replacement.
> Thanks.
> Ben Roth