Does Raleigh-Durham have a recycling program? If so, you may wish to
inquire how best to put the plastic and waste paper into their hands.


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> Hi folks,
> A question:  we have a collection that contains a large number of  "
> audio reels, mostly 5", 6", and 7".  We're at the beginning of what we
> expect to be a long cleaning project prior to transfer.  There's all matter
> of scrunge on the boxes, which we'd prefer to keep for their inherent value
> to the collection and which are cleaning up pretty well with conservation
> sponges.  We also have to clean some of the tape, which we're doing in a
> vent hood using pellon.  Because we want to keep the boxes and I can only
> find NAB reels in 7" (5" slotted are available too, but I haven't pulled
> the trigger on those yet), we have a load of 5" and 6" reels that, to put
> on new 7" reels, would mean we'd have to ditch the original boxes.  Now, I
> can handle this - we can always photocopy the box and where there is
> information on the reel copy that as well - and I know slotless is the
> preferred route, but wanted to see if anyone had ever done this kind of
> project and cleaned up the reels instead of ditching, and if so, how they
> did it.
> More work than it's worth, old plastic = evil, a bad idea generally,
> or...? Any considered opinions welcome.
> I'm asking you because someone's going to ask me before this project goes
> much further.
> Thanks,
> Craig
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