I think it was Stephen St. Croix (The Fast Lane) in Mix.



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> Picking the collective grey cells.
> In the early 90's there was a series of articles about someone who did
> cd-r testing by placing different cd-r's in his car. He started it after a
> accidental TDK cd-r that he left in his car was unplayable after two or
> three days IIRC. I don't remember if it was Stereo review or Mix Magazine,
> and whether it was Stephen St. Croix or someone else. If this rings a bell
> with anyone and can point me to an online archive of this that will be
> great. Here is what I do remember.
> 1. TDK was furious and threatened to sue.
> 2. He went all out against the green dye (cyanine?) and was for the
>    light green (thalocyonine?)
> 3. Most of his research was done IIRC by placing the burnt cd's in his
>    car or a window in his house.
> 4. After this research Mitsui gained wide acceptance as an archival
>    grade manufacturer.
> Any help will be appreciated.
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