Capitol in Hollywood: 

Three-track was in place as early as the move into the Tower in early 1956. 

The setup for classical in Goldwyn Stage 7 originally consisted on a trio of mikes, one per track, first hanging from a bar above and behind the podium, thereafter a trio on mike booms, facing left, center and right. This was the setup used by Hugh Davies. 
Carson Taylor, who did the later (post '59) records used a different setup. 

Since the tracks recorded were dry, they were sweetened in the mix to two tracks, which were used to cut the LPs. 

At the Tower, tracks were recorded dry with echo added in the mix from the chambers out in the parking lot. 

The Ring: 

Rheingold and Siegfried were recorded direct to two-track - the LPs were cut from these tapes, which now exhibit oxide shedding and wear at the splices; 

Walküre and Götterdämmerung had multi-track back-ups, and takes from these tapes have been used for the latest 
A/D transfer. Gentle NR was applied to all transfers. 

Mike Gray