Yesterday I listened to this skype interview with Rupert Neve. There is a particularly enlightening section on high frequencies at 35:00 - listen to this respected master talk about mood - there is a fifteen or 20 minute section that is full of insights:


He says it so very well.

Makes Neil Young sound like an inarticulate boob, while saying the same thing...

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On Mar 25, 2014, at 12:11 AM, John Haley wrote:

What is up there is mostly overtones that we can't hear (tho dogs can), yet
there is no doubt that SACD's and other "hi-def" audio media sound better
than standard CD's.  Defining that difference is not so easy, but it is
nevertheless quite tangible and easy to hear.  For example, when I copy a
really good sounding LP to a 96/24 .WAV file, the copy really, really
sounds like the LP, whereas a standard CD copy (Redbook), is almost there,
but just ... not quite.  (And copying to .mp3 or other lossy format, no
comparison--that's really closing a window on the music).

Now if you happen to be a dog ...