The concert came out on an RCA Victor LP, have you compared that?  Leah
probably saw Jon last night at the NYC ARSC and could have asked him.

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Horowitz Tchaikovsky
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Date: Fri, March 28, 2014 3:25 am
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I just listented to this selection from the Complete Toscanini and I'm
not sure which version it is.  It sounds slightly different than DM800. 
The orchestral sound is much improved but the piano still sounds
distant.  I thought it might be the live Carnegie Hall concert but the
recording dates are May 8/14, 1941 and, as far as I know, that concert
only took place once.  There is a lot of surface noise in the first
movement but it sounds more like 33 revs than 78 revs.  Jon Samuels is
credited with mastering the CD.  John Pfeiffer is credited as being the
producer but I think he was gone by 2006 when Jon said the improved
mastering was done.  All the CDs in this box say c. 2012 so it's
impossible to say which ones were remastered after the early '90s set.