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Hi -

Thanks a lot for the link.

Regarding the Radio/Compression comment - that is sad.  However, WPR doesn't broadcast compressed material if we can help it.  We only broadcast compressed files that are not produced by us, and are sent to us that way.  Then, we have no choice.

Our audio engineers are aware of the difference for the listener.

Yet, my guess is that your radio station uses compression all day long. Some stations use more during the day. This is done under the assumption that people are listening in their cars. Yet, these days, most car audio systems have built in compression, with some offering even more when the car gets over 50+ mph.

Further, there are very few recordings that do not feature some compression. If the dynamic range was not reduced…well, to get a balanced signal you would need to listen…in the case of say an orchestra recording…to a volume level equivalent to having the orchestra in your listening area. 

On our label, we did several piano recordings that did not have any compression…well the critics panned the sound. My guess is that the problem was that they were not listening at sufficiently high levels. We even put a disclaimer on the tray card. 

In short, if you don't broadcast compressed recordings, its unlikely you would have enough material to fill one day a year…and if your output signal isn't compressed…bravo, but I doubt you would have many "listeners." I rather doubt that anyone really "listens" to the radio. Let us not forget that the main reason for art music broadcasts is to supply waiting rooms in doctor's offices with background noise.