Hi Andrew

The TASCAM range of four-tracks cassette decks can do this but you need to make sure the deck plays at 1 7/8ips and has the appropriate noise reduction system (or it can be turned off if necessary).  Some studio four-tracks cassette decks run at 3 3/4ips and have dBx only.

The TASCAM 134 or 234 would suit your need but you need to avoid the dBx-ONLY variants of those models.

Good luck

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Does anyone know if the same possibility exists for cassettes?

machines that "could reproduce 4 tracks at once, which would speed up the digitization project. You'll need to reverse the two backwards channels" in the DAW?

When we duplicated prerecorded music cassettes we recorded them this way but I am unaware of a playback machine that could playback all four at once.  I assume they don't exist but .....

Andrew Dapuzzo