Hi Mike,

Not my collection - (don¡¯t flame me, please), most of my collection is CDs
or digital of one sort or another.


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>15 hundred isn't too bad.  Good luck with the alphabetical listening.
>One collector had a similar quest that was pictured in a rather
>sickening movie documentary about record collectors called "Vinyl".  He
>was going to clean and listen to all his records alphabetically, and if
>he wanted to hear a record not in that proper order HE COULDN'T.  His
>collection was much larger than yours, and he (and most of the others in
>the documentary including the filmmaker) were neurotic
>obsessive-compulsive.  I don't think you are -- you just have a good
>gimmick to hang a blog on.
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>Record Collection
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>Date: Fri, March 14, 2014 7:01 pm
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>Exploration of spouse©ös record collection by a librarian.
>From the first Post:
>"What is this?
>Alex and I have lived together for 9 years. In those 9 years we have
>packed up, moved and unpacked his record collection 5 times. It©ös about
>boxes, about 1500 hundred records ©øthat includes the singles and stuff,
>which you©öre also going to have to review.©÷ Is what Alex just said to
>from the other room.
>This project was my idea, inspired by maybe one too many glasses of wine
>last weekend, when I was in charge of changing the music. ©øI can©öt
>there are so many records here that I have never listened to. I should
>to listen to all of them. And then write about it.©÷ So here we are.
>Here are the rules I©öve set for my self. Start with the ©øA©ös©÷ these
>records are set up in alphabetical order by artist. Listen to the entire
>thing even if I really hate it. And make sure to comment on the cover
>Are you with me? Let©ös see how far I can go."