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Duane Goldman

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> Hi Duane:
> You know, you should get together with Needle Doctor or some other online retailer and put together a package and website "The Vinyl Beginner." Get an equipment package together along the lines of what the WSJ article was attempting (try to keep total cost under $1K, and assume headphones because that's how the youngsters listen today). Make some videos of how to use your system properly, how to clean a record properly (try to keep it to as few steps as possible and avoid lecturing a kid that his records are dirty). Have the equipment retailer make videos detailing how to set up the turntable, how to connect everything, and maybe the retailer gets with one of the vinyl dealers and offers a discount code a couple of records as part of the package.
> One point I hear over and over from people who like music and are somewhat interested in checking out LPs is "it's complicated and the people who are into it are unfriendly." So true! No reason it should be a tweaky, elitist thing. And, the kids who spring for a good beginner vinyl system will soon realize how crappy their lossy downloads in the iPhone sound, and they can be added to the growing army of consumers demanding better quality.
> -- Tom Fine

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