Hi. I joined in this list as part of my work is transferring tapes to digital for occasional clients, and lots of you do this. I have no big record collections, just too many CDs of music overflowing! and my old collection of a few hundred Lps. :-)

I also work with an independent radio interview program, post-producing remote raw interviews into formatted hour long programs, and we are seeking a way of archiving the digital files for the future. We have a person who is a very good organizer, and he is designing (and constantly re-designing!) a file system to our various levels of materials. I'd like to find some industry guidelines so that I do not keep feeling I am bowing to his nitzy detailed systems. It seems to be so quirky that I would like something to compare it with.

We have:
 - raw original recordings, split for the 2 or more voices,
- intermediate edited versions, basically cleaned up,
- Masters, mixed and processed for broadcast,
- and various delivery files: WAVs for retail CDs, MP3s for buyers and radio and MP2s for network radio distribution.

Is there a system that is industry standard for organizing digital audio files?

Thanks for any pointers or advice!

Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio