The current OCLC parallel record policy began as the result of discussions with PCC participants.  Over time millions of records with descriptions in languages other than English have been added to WorldCat.  This broadened international perspective has also brought about the need to identify the language of cataloging used to describe materials via coding in field 040 $b.  The long term goal for OCLC is to explicitly code all records as to the language of cataloging.  Both the BIBCO and CONSER Standard Record guidelines include instructions to include field 040 $b coded eng.


In OCLC field 040 $b is indexed, and OCLC’s bibliographic workforms include a prompt for field 040 $b, although there is not yet the capability of setting a default language in workforms as many of us would like.  OCLC has also scanned the database and added field 040 $b coded eng to BIBCO and CONSER records when it was missing, although it remains to be added to other categories of records.  However, today it is still possible to create new BIBCO and CONSER records online without field 040 $b and that requires additional post-cataloging clean up.


To remedy the problem of field 040 $b being omitted in new records, we will change online validation in May to require field 040 $b coded eng in BIBCO and CONSER records based on the coding in field 042.  CONSER authentication codes nlc and isds/c would not be included since a portion of that cataloging is in French.  This would mean that catalogers creating new PCC records or authenticating existing records as PCC would need to be certain that 040 $b eng is present in accord with the BIBCO and CONSER Standard Record guidelines.


Let us know about any concerns or questions you may have.


Robert Bremer

Senior Consulting Database Specialist


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