Smack up side the head--of course!  This builds/relates to, does it not,
on work done earlier by Jill Tatem and others at Case Western?   It has
been in use quite a good bit of time, and that is a strong

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Ah, hem...

Not to blow my own horn but, 


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I am looking for such catalogues of functions as well, in particular
for functions of universities or HEIs. If something is known on this
field, I would be happy to get more on it! I have Samuel’s book and some
models from JISC and Oxford university, only. But those are no thesauri,
taxonomies or catalogues, unfortunately.
Could you be so kind and let me know more about how to use the EAC-tags
for building up hierarchies of functions? We would like to do something
similar, here, but we are going the very first steps yet.
Karsten Kühnel, M.A.

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At the New York State Archives we use Art and Architecture Thesauraus
for our function terms.


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3/21/2014 4:02 PM >>>
Does anyone know of a good functional taxonomy/thesaurus for
identifying functions of government operations? I'd prefer one that goes
into some detail about activities and transactions. What vocabularies
are out there, or is everyone making up their own? This is for use in
EAC, where functions have their own hierarchies and relationships with
other functions, named entities, and record collections.

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