This is a preliminary announcement for a soon-to-be-posted job as a Search
Analyst on the DigitalGov Search Team, General Services Administration

Do you have a passion for search and helping the public find good, relevant
search results? Do you enjoy being part of a small, innovative team? If so,
apply for the position working on DigitalGov Search, GSA's award-winning
hosted service that powers the search box on 1,500 government websites.

The job announcement will appear on in late March. The position
is in the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at GSA. It
will be posted as an IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/12.

We're looking for an enthusiastic, talented person to help support
DigitalGov Search. The position will support efforts to develop, maintain,
and improve DigitalGov Search. It will focus on understanding information
access and retrieval, especially search, to guide the information
architecture, user interface, and policy decisions that enhance searchers'
experience on sites that use DigitalGov Search. It will also focus on
designing and implementing processes to ensure that our agency customers
have the best possible experience with our service.

The announcement will be posted for 10 business days. This brief posting
period is because of the federal government's interest in accelerating the
hiring process and shouldn't be interpreted as an indication that someone
has already been selected.

About Us: We're a commercial-grade service that gives the public a great
search experience on government websites. With about 20 million searches
each month, we power the search box on some of the most visited government
websites, including,,,,, and 12 states' websites. It's so easy to take for granted.
You go to a website, enter a term in the search box, and find the results
you're looking for. But imagine the cost and time involved if every
government agency and website had to acquire and run its own search engine.
We take that burden off agencies' hands. By using free or low-cost
commercial APIs and open source software, we currently provide the service
free to any federal, state, or local agency.

We're sending this pre-announcement so you can spread the word to anyone
who might be interested.  As soon as the job announcement opens, we'll
forward a link to it so that interested persons can apply.  Contact Ammie
Farraj Feijoo, DigitalGov Search Manager, at [log in to unmask] for
further information about the position.