TTB is offering a summer internship in paper preservation and the competition is fierce from what I see on Fedlib!  So I thought I would post here as well.


The work product will be a careful survey and rehousing of some precious historical materials documenting the post prohibition development of our laws and regulations conducted under the guidance of a professional conservator. 



A brief description about the library site –


The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) separated from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau (ATF) in 2003 under the Homeland Security Act.  The functions of tax collection, regulation of the industries (distilled spirits, wine, beer, tobacco, and ammunition (excise tax)), international trade and import and export remained at Treasury (TTB), while enforcement functions (ATF) moved to Justice. 


The agency’s current laws and regulations date back to the repeal of prohibition which occurred prior to the invention of the Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.  Therefore, the early regulatory changes were painstakingly recorded in these paper documents and nowhere else.

These paper documents are in need of preservation.  They have been digitized but TTB has decided to preserve them in their original format as well.  TTB hired Quarto Conservation to provide expertise.  Under their direction and the direction of the librarian the intern will complete a survey of these unique resources, noting condition and rehousing them.  The student will have the opportunity to do some preservation activities and to work closely with a professional conservator. 



Types of library work that would be done by the student –


The intern will complete a survey of a unique collection of documents that express the early development of the agency.  These materials present a range of challenges including folded pages, paste, tape, oversize sheets, varying acidity of the sheets.  The documents will be described so a comprehensive preservation plan can be developed.  Some preservation techniques will be taught and practiced.  The project will be undertaken using appropriate handling procedures.  And the documents will be rehoused. 


Special skills or knowledge required for the job


TTB is seeking a student with some archival/preservation classwork.  This student must be detail oriented and possess manual dexterity.  The student must be willing and able to follow detailed procedures for handling the materials to minimize damage and stress. 


Specific tasks to be done 


The collection now resides in binders.  The pages will be rehoused into sleeves which will be arranged in boxes for the shelf.  Each sheet will be described and evaluated, and needed preservation activities listed in the comprehensive survey.  A wide range of preservation challenges will be presented. 


Opportunities for the student - 


This opportunity will provide the opportunity to observe record and analyze a wide range of preservation challenges and to learn from Quarto the best techniques for addressing the challenges presented.  A survey is always the first step in any preservation project, so it will be a useful experience for any student interested in preservation. 


Security clearance can take a long time, so please apply early! 


Contact Information –


Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

1310 G Street NW Box 12

Washington, DC 20005

Immediately next to Metro Center




Greta Boeringer 202-453-2269, [log in to unmask],

The application process is simple.  Contact me, send a resume and letter of interest and we will set up a face to face interview. 



Please respond to my reference survey  (TTB only)


Greta Boeringer, InfoPro

Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

United States Department of the Treasury

1310 G Street NW

Washington, DC 20005