It doesn’t sound like a problem with your EAD, since it’s complaining about the parser itself.  Did you check whether the EAD dtd is still in the correct place?  Or is there a config file within AT where you have to tell it where to find the dtd?


I can’t recall for sure, but I *think* that AT has to be able to find the dtd when it does an import, so it can check for errors in the file being ingested.  (I’m not an AT user, though, and I might be misremembering.)




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Hi all,

Since the Archivists' Toolkit Users Group Listserv (ATUG-L) is no longer viable, I'm appealing to this list for help.  In the recent past I have been able to import EAD into AT without an issue. In the past few months, however, my organization has upgraded all of its workstations to Windows 7 from XP, replacing all of the old CPUs.  We re-installed AT version 2.0.0 - update 15, and now when I attempt to import EAD, I get the error message "Problem with the XML parser." 

I looked through the archived ATUG-L posts about this and tried the various solutions offered in the past:
1. I've tried removing the DOCTYPE declaration before importing, as someone suggested.
2. I've checked my access level, and it's level 5 (some people were having problems if they were logged in at level 4).

The weird thing is that xml files that imported just fine before the Windows 7 upgrade don't import now. Is anyone else having problems of this nature?



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