Dear JAC Colleagues,

I have read with interest the various threads related to the Shikomor debate. My sources also say that it was a language proposed a generation ago by the government, but that was never really implemented. There are some schoolbooks in the combined language, but the local population use their own languages on the various islands. I would recommend against adoption of the code.

I will be sending out the ballot next week as JAC Secretary, so those with further comments should express them soon.

Melinda Lyons
JAC Secretary
ISO 639-3 RA

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Dear JAC colleagues,


I recently received a request from Gérard Lang (see below) proposing that a code be created in ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 for the language, "Shikomor".  I submit this request to the JAC for review and discussion.  I should note that though the request is for creating the code in both Parts 1 and 2 (new language codes cannot be defined in Part 1 without a Part 2 counterpart), the requester's primary objective is to have the code defined in ISO 639-1.  As there have recently been long discussions on the ISOJAC Listserv concerning the advisability of creating new codes in ISO 639-1, the discussion for this request will be limited to a brief time span (a week to ten days at the most).  I look forward to your comments.


John Zagas

JAC Chair



>> Request for new ISO language code.


>> English name of Language:   Shikomor

>> French name of Language:   Comorien

>> Reference:

>> Vernacular name of Language:   Shikomor

>> Transliteration:

>> Evidence:   All federal laws of Comoros

>> All local laws in each of the three federated islands Treaties with other countries

>> National Evidence:   Government of Comoros

>> Size Evidence:   national literature

>> Official Evidence:   National language by article 1 of the Constitution

>> Education Evidence:   In the three federated islands of Comoros

>> Additional Info:   500 000

>> ISO 639-2 only :

>> ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-1 :   yes

>> three_code_suggestion :   coi

>> two_code_suggestion :   cm

>> Submitter's name:   Gérard LANG

>> Submitter's email :   [log in to unmask]

>> Submitter's status :   Liaison officer from ISO/TC 46 to ISO/TC 37