Hi Vicky,

Yes--we will update the XSLT with this identifier type. It will be included in the next issue of the XSLT.

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Subject: [MODS] Retaining 035 information during conversion

We have a set of MARC records we would like to convert to MODS but would like to retain the value in the MARC 035 field.  Unfortunately with the current conversion this is being omitted.  I've looked at the mappings and none seem to mention the 035.  However it is in the xslt but is specific to OCLC.  Would it be possible to amend this so that it will retain any institution value?  For example we have the following in our 035 <marc:datafield tag="035" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
            <marc:subfield code="a">(WlCaITV)20T02991</marc:subfield>

and would like this to come across into the MODS as

<identifier type="WlCaITV">20T02991</identifier>