Yes, in our current environment where we have a mixture of WEM data in bib records, I think a 700 added entry in the bib record would make sense when there is no corresponding authority record for the work/expression.  It probably wouldn't function in the same way, but since catalogs around the world have such a wild assortment of ways they treat (or don't treat) authority data in conjunction with (or in contention with) bib data, that doesn't really matter much, IMHO.


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And a CCT would make sense as a *variant* access point, until we're able to use other elements to refine searches by facets.  "Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892. Poems. Selections" in a 400 field could then return to the user a list giving the "real" preferred titles of those collections, and the various editions of specific collections could be collocated under their respective original manifestation titles.  Or "Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892. Poems. Selections. Japanese" could return to the user a list giving the "real" preferred titles of collections in Japanese (which might be either Japanese translations of English language collections, or original collections of Japanese translations).


What is the best way to make this work in a bib record that lacks any supporting authority record with a 400 CCT?  A 700 "Selection" added entry?

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