Collective wisdom, one of my catalogers is cataloging the open access titles from Knowledge Unlatched. One specific title is “Fighting for a living” accessible at Our question is that we find no date of publication on this piece, instead there is the Creative Commons statement shown below. We are pretty much in agreement here that we should record 2013 as the date of publication, in brackets, in the 264 _1 $c, but could the year as presented below be taken as a publication date and therefore no brackets are needed? We generally agree the date would not go in a 264 _4 as a copyright statement, on the other hand, it is a rights statement, so maybe the date should go there. And, do we record/mention the CC statement in a 5XX note, e.g. 500  “Creative Commons License CC BY NC ND”  and if so, is it 500, 506, 540, 542, something else?




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Adolfo R. Tarango

Assistan Director, Metadata Services

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