I have a number of archival recordings both sound and video to upload
to archive sites in perpetuity - or for as long as the Internet

I thought of YouTube - however its is not audio file friendly, it
appends adverts, and there is a LOT of junk on there. Also being owned
by Google it is subject to ephemeral whims as to which files are
allowed to remain and which are summarily removed.

Then I thought that would be a good option. Its easy to
upload files, metadata can be added, it does not carry advertising,
and once uploaded a file is converted into numerous forts, and there
is also a  number of download options. BUT ... I have now found that
there are considerable uploads of porn material and files advertising
the services of prostitutes etc. such as Indian woman in Dubai (FGS).

So do folks here know of other reliable - and importantly porn free -
serious archive sites?

Thanks -

Chris B.