I cannot enlighten anyone re "Belgian popcorn" but I do wish to ask for the
list's ideas about inexpensive cordless headphones and where to obtain
them. By inexpensive, I mean under $50 and preferably under $35. Their use
is non-audiophile, intended for watching television late at night when the
rest of the household is asleep. They used to be rather commonly
encountered but no longer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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> What is "Belgian popcorn"?
> Why would anyone want it pitched down and obviously slowed off-pitch like
> that?
> -- Tom Fine
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>  The Jazz Crusaders set doesn't include their Pacific Jazz single as the
>> Night Hawks, for reason of it being "r&b" and "sounds nothing like the
>> Jazz
>> Crusaders":
>> or bizarrely pitched down as the Belgian popcorn fans prefer:
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>> wrote:
>>  From the daily e-mail blasts, a couple of things maybe of interest to
>>> ARSC'ers ...
>>> 1. this is a very good price on AKG 240 headphones:
>>> I like these 'phones for leisure listening because they are very
>>> comfortable and you don't need to crank a decent headphone amp too loud
>>> to
>>> hear details. They are a bit weak in the bass, so I can't recommend them
>>> for critical monitoring, but they are very pleasant paired with my Sony
>>> DAC/headphone amp. Note these types on sale are the low-impedence version
>>> if the 240's, not the long-discontinued 600-ohm version which can plug
>>> right into your patchbay.
>>> 2. Mosaic Records sent out an "almsot gone" notice for their Django
>>> Reinhardt set:
>>> If the audio samples grab your fancy, you'll like the rest of the set.
>>> Really good sound restoration by Malcolm Addey. I also like the booklet
>>> notes and session information. I like the somewhat different, lilting but
>>> swinging, takes on well-worn American tunes.
>>> 3. Also in the "last chance" category at Mosaic:
>>> are the excellent Dizzy Gillespie Philips/Verve set and Bobby Hutcherson
>>> 3CD set. Sarah Vaughn fans might also like the Roulette set, especially
>>> since those master tapes are likely among what burned up on the Universal
>>> movie soundstage. The Bunny Berigan set is also good, too much singing
>>> for
>>> my liking but there is one disc of John Hammond-produced Parlophone
>>> sessions that are just outstanding.
>>> 4. Finally, note the "running low" status of the Jazz Crasaders set:
>>> This one was a real ear-opener for me because I only knew about the
>>> somewhat cheezy 70s Crusaders group. Turns out those guys were hip and
>>> somewhat funky back before they went commercial. Excellent musicianship
>>> and
>>> typically good Pacific Jazz recordings. I don't have a problem with
>>> Richard
>>> Bock's somewhat activist editing, I think he cobbled together really good
>>> master takes. I would say the only reason this is mentioned in the
>>> booklet
>>> is that some of the splices are deteriorated and very audible. It's worth
>>> noting that this set is mostly sequenced as the original LPs, with then
>>> extra takes and other "bonus" material after the original album sequence.
>>> This is my preferred way of sequencing these collections. Least favorite
>>> is
>>> chronological and session-recording order with all the detritus strewn in
>>> with the approved takes.
>>> -- Tom Fine

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