I've been asked to forward this to anyone who works with files and 
file-based workflows in the media space, which include media 
archives.  ARSC would certainly fit that intended audience.

There is a survey link in the text to provide feedback on use-cases 
for media file based workflows.  You will note that the Task Force is 
made up of many of the movers and shakers in the media production, 
transmission and vendor fields.  The Library of Congress is 
participating in the Task Force as an extension of its paricipation 
in the SMPTE and AMWA standards committees.  The survey will close on 
May 31, so don't delay if you wish to be heard.

The press release on the industry task force is here:

The survey link for folks to provide example use cases is here:

Thanks to those who choose to participate!  Take a look at the full 
text below my sig for details on why this information is being 

For the record, I am participating in the Joint Task Force in my role 
at the Library of Congress.

James Snyder
Senior Systems Administrator
Library of Congress -
   National Audio Visual Conservation Center (NAVCC)
Motion Picture, Broadcasting & Recorded Sound Division (MBRS)
Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation


The original Joint Task Force email language with the survey link:
In the last two weeks you may have seen some press announcements on 
the formation of a joint task force on file formats and media 
interoperability. This is an very important effort.
The Joint Task Force on File Formats and Media Interoperability is 
jointly sponsored  by the North America Broadcasters Association 
(NABA), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), European 
Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Society of  Motion Picture and 
Television Engineers (SMPTE), The International Association of 
Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) and Ad-ID, representing the AAAA and 
the ANA.
The Task Force will gather and analyze requirements for a machine 
generated and readable file interchange and delivery specification 
(Including standardized and common structured Metadata) for the 
professional media industry by bringing together manufacturers, 
broadcasters, advertisers, Ad agencies, and industry organizations 
(standards bodies and trade associations) serving the professional 
media market.
Based on requirements submitted to the Task Force, recommendations on 
processes and technologies to improve interoperability of file based 
workflows will be developed and future activities determined.
Press release:

Included in the release, is the following link to the survey:

We are collecting use cases for a solution to specifications, file 
delivery and distribution.
The use cases are simple Stories that follow the form, "As a [ROLE], 
I want to [FUNCTION] so that [BUSINESS VALUE].
Expressing a business value for your story makes it much more 
valuable, so to ensure that your user story is considered, please 
follow this format.
  Please help us inform the bodies that are doing standards 
development of you problems and your needs.
  Please make the time to contribute to this important effort.
  It is important that your specific issues are represented.
  If you know someone that can contribute, and they are not on this 
email, please forward this email to them.
  This is a chance to significantly influence standards development 
and resolve issues, but we need you input to focus the efforts.
  You experience in this area is extremely valuable to resolving 
technical problem in file based workflows and media interoperability
  You input will prioritize and define the efforts of manufacturers 
and standards development organizations..
  This really is a case of "if you are not part of the solution you 
are part of the problem."
  Thanks for your contributions