How was your Tandberg set up?

How was your Revox set up?

Get a calibration tape, demagnetize your heads and check the repro 
levels. This is the only real way to tell where you are.

The A77 had internal repro level calibration pots.

My experience with a Tandberg 74B and a ReVox A77 was that the Tandberg 
was set to record at a higher reference level than the ReVox A77, so you 
obtained a better signal-to-noise ratio on the Tandberg at the expense 
of more distortion from the higher level.


On 2014-05-18 8:05 PM, Jan Myren wrote:
> HI!
> I have a load of reel to reel tapes recorded on a Tandberg TD 20 A reel to reel tape recorder. I have a special problem when playing them on my recently purchased Revox B77 II
> The output signal is too loud, making the VU meters really jumping and banging hard.
> There is, as I can see, no output control on the Revox B77 where I can slow down the output signal to an acceptable level.
> Is this a problem anyone else have experience with, or do I just have to do all the recordings all over again using the Revox B77 II machine?
> All the best
> Jan
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