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Subject: [MLA-L] Future of the CD


This has been an interesting discussion. The decline in CD sales in general
is a clear trend. The Recording Industry in Numbers, 2014 ed. shows this
quite clearly on p. 18. Here are the percentages for global revenues by
source 2008 vs. 2013

2008% / 2013% - Category
64/41 CDs
14/26 Permanent downloads
2  /11 Streaming (ad-supported and subscription)
4  /  7 Performance rights (SoundExchange royalties)
0.4/ 1 Vinyl
15/12 All other formats

It is even more pronounced for the US for 2013, where the ratio was 30% -
60%, CDs - digital. In 2013, subscription services were the fastest growing
segment of the market. Downloads are still the largest part of the digital
market. The decline in CD sales slowed, and vinyl increased 26.9% in 2013.
These statistics do not show particular niche markets such as classical
music where CD sales are probably still strong, audiophiles, special
collectables, etc. There are still a lot of CDs being produced, but the
trend to downloads and subscriptions overall seems clear.

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