This article was in the Sunday NYT:

OK, another indie label, loves vinyl, shoestring operation, blah blah blah.

But this sentence caught my attention:
"The proprietors, Lee Rickard, 30, and Sean Bohrman, 32, are starting their day behind a door in the 
back, in a warren of VHS tapes and cassettes. "

Cassettes are already en vogue among an element of hipsters. There were even some cassette releases 
for Record Store Day (no idea where you get cassettes duped anymore, Mexico? China? India?)

So now the hipster kids are "collecting" and "curating" VHS tapes? Good luck with that! I guess it's 
better that the millions of junked VHS tapes get another run through in hipster lairs before they 
end up in the landfill when the hipsters lose interest and move onto some other "vintage" or 
"authentic" trend.

Cassettes and VHS were among the most low-fi mass media ever invented. But, to their credit, they 
were among the most durable. Which may be the point.

-- Tom Fine