Hi Tom,

I've been looking for this LP for a while, as I like the piece and am
curious about her much-praised recording.

I believe the stereo European issue was Philips 835391 LY:

I've stupidly let a couple of copies go on ebay (I watch so much, I can't
keep up with it all).

I'm sure I've seen a mono European issue but, I'm sorry, I can't find the
number at the moment.

Who do you think has the master?

Best wishes,


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The pianist Kabi Laretei made a record for Philips in 1965, Paul Hindemith -
"Ludus Tonalis". It was 
released by US Philips as PHS 900-096 (stereo) and PHM 500-096 (mono). It is
a dense, hour-long solo 
piano work, so the audience was probably somewhat limited. At the time Ms.
Laretei had performed the 
work at Carnegie Hall in NYC and was somewhat of a celebrity due to her good
looks and the fact that 
she was married to film director Ingmar Bergman. She was a very fine
pianist, according to press 
accounts of the day.

Anyway, I'd like to know if this was released by Philips in Europe, and if
so what is the catalog 
number for the stereo version.

BTW, it was produced by Harold Lawrence and recorded at Fine Recording,
probably by Bob Eberenz or 
George Piros. The cover photo of a beautifully intense Ms. Laretei was by
Mary Morris.

Any factual info on non-US releases much appreciated, scans of non-US covers
even more appreciated.

-- Tom Fine