Hi Nick:

THANK YOU! ARSC List comes through!

As far as I know, the master is owned by Universal Music Group/Decca Classics and is probably stored 
in Germany with the Philips Classics master tapes.

Recommendation -- hold out for a European Philips pressing. The US version is very noisy, and 
pressed off-center so there's some wow. These are nearly 30-minute sides, so pressing quality is 
key. The US version was pressed at the notorious Mercury Richmond IN plant. The US version was cut 
by George Piros. I assume one of the Philips engineers cut their European version, although Fine 
Recording sometimes sent lacquers over to the Philips plant in the 60s.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi Tom,
> I've been looking for this LP for a while, as I like the piece and am
> curious about her much-praised recording.
> I believe the stereo European issue was Philips 835391 LY:
> I've stupidly let a couple of copies go on ebay (I watch so much, I can't
> keep up with it all).
> I'm sure I've seen a mono European issue but, I'm sorry, I can't find the
> number at the moment.
> Who do you think has the master?
> Best wishes,
> Nick
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Seeking discographical info on somewhat obscure Philips
> record
> The pianist Kabi Laretei made a record for Philips in 1965, Paul Hindemith -
> "Ludus Tonalis". It was
> released by US Philips as PHS 900-096 (stereo) and PHM 500-096 (mono). It is
> a dense, hour-long solo
> piano work, so the audience was probably somewhat limited. At the time Ms.
> Laretei had performed the
> work at Carnegie Hall in NYC and was somewhat of a celebrity due to her good
> looks and the fact that
> she was married to film director Ingmar Bergman. She was a very fine
> pianist, according to press
> accounts of the day.
> Anyway, I'd like to know if this was released by Philips in Europe, and if
> so what is the catalog
> number for the stereo version.
> BTW, it was produced by Harold Lawrence and recorded at Fine Recording,
> probably by Bob Eberenz or
> George Piros. The cover photo of a beautifully intense Ms. Laretei was by
> Mary Morris.
> Any factual info on non-US releases much appreciated, scans of non-US covers
> even more appreciated.
> -- Tom Fine