Thanks so much for the advice and info, Tom - to be honest, I didn't realise
there was a US pressing, though I should have known. I only recently learned
that it was a Fine Recording!

I will keep looking.

Best wishes,


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Hi Nick:

THANK YOU! ARSC List comes through!

As far as I know, the master is owned by Universal Music Group/Decca
Classics and is probably stored 
in Germany with the Philips Classics master tapes.

Recommendation -- hold out for a European Philips pressing. The US version
is very noisy, and 
pressed off-center so there's some wow. These are nearly 30-minute sides, so
pressing quality is 
key. The US version was pressed at the notorious Mercury Richmond IN plant.
The US version was cut 
by George Piros. I assume one of the Philips engineers cut their European
version, although Fine 
Recording sometimes sent lacquers over to the Philips plant in the 60s.

-- Tom Fine