These 5 tapes are a grab-bag, seem to be old dubs of LPs. Some are 2-track, some quarter-track, some 
7.5IPS, some 15IPS. All appear to be 2500' 1.5 mil. None are sticky-shed types. Most appear to be 
Scotch 201, one is brown oxide polyester, maybe Scotch 138? All are on Scotch metal reels. Two are 
in Scotch boxes (good condition -- little or no writing on them). The other 3 are in plain white 
boxes, good condition but spines were label-peeled.

$50 for the five of them, includes Media Mail postage, to USA addresses only.

Please ping off-list if interested.

Worst case, you dump the tape and get five real-deal Scotch NAB reels in boxes for $10 each. Well 
below eBay prices!

-- Tom Fine