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The Stellavox Professional Audio Equipment has been manufactured in 
Switzerland since the 50s. The first products were professional tape 
recorders of extremely high mechanical quality.

In the late 80s Stellavox started the development of a portable 
professional DAT Digital Tape Recorder, the Stelladat.

In 1993, without having reached the break-even with this new product, 
the owners decided that the market was evolving too fast towards 
computer recording and that the traditional Stellavox products did not 
have enough potential anymore. Financial support was dropped and all 
activities were stopped.

On 2014-05-22 4:51 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Haven't they been out of business for years? Decades?
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>>> What other "famous Swiss tape recorder brands" are there?
>> Stellavox, for one.
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