Hi Thomas:

If you know who cut the wide-groove vinyl 78, please say so for that guy trying to make the art 
project records. At least then he's got a place to start.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Woody Guthrie - American Radical Patriot (Rounder Records)

> This superb set includes a 78rpm recording. I've inquired and gotten the
> following technical information for anyone who wishes to play the disc.
> information from Rounder:
> "It's a standard wide groove 78 cut, usually played with a 2.5 mil stylus. It will play OK with a 
> microgroove, and the smaller
> stylus won't hurt the record. It might just be a tad noisier since the stylus will travel deeper 
> toward the bottom of the groove.
> Bill Nowlin"