Have you tried eBay and similar sites ???  or the libraries which have it
(see Worldcat) ???

Perhaps one of the tracks has been issued in a CD / 2-LP release:
LIGHT IN THE ATTIC UPC: 82685 30081 29                                CD
                   UPC: 82685 30081 12                               2LP
 1. Invitation To Black Power (Parts 1 & 2) Shahid Quintet 6:06
 2. Free Huey Stokely Carmichael 4:50
 3. Silent Majority (Live At Newport) Eddie Harris 5:49
 4. Until We're Free Elaine Brown 2:15
 5. George Jackson (Acoustic) Bob Dylan 3:41
 6. Dem Niggers Ain't Playing The Watts Prophets 1:54
 7. Woman Of The Ghetto (Live At Montreux) Marlena Shaw 10:05
 8. Black Power Dick Gregory 2:50
 9. I Ain't Black Kain 5:50
10. I Hate The White Man Roy Harper 8:05
11. Winter In America (Solo Version) Gil Scott-Heron 6:28
12. Tim Leary Eldridge Cleaver 5:31
13. Angela John Lenon, Yoko Ono 4:08
14. Free Bobby Now Lumpen 2:23
15. Die Nigga!!! The Original Last Poets 3:17
16. Who Will Survive America Amiri Baraka 3:06

Black Forum had quite an interesting catalog, including and ELAINE BROWN
album - she wrote some beautiful songs,
also on an album issued by the Black Panther Party.

Appended is a list of the albums I know of - are there any others ???
Best wishes, Thomas.

BLACK FORUM BF 451                 LP 1970
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-Why I Oppose The War In Vietnam 
sermon April 16, 1967

BLACK FORUM BF 452                 LP 1970
Produced by Ewart Abner & Juniuf Griffin

Writer's Of The Revolution  22:26 / 22:46 
 Langston Hughes; Margaret Danner. 
 Biographical notes on the composers by Reginal Wilson on container. 
 Presents the two poets reading their poems to each other and conversing
about them 

BLACK FORUM B 454L                 LP 1972 gf
"Guess Who's Coming Home"
Black Fighting Men Recorded Live in Vietnam
Notes by Julian Bond on container.
Narrated by Wallace Terry

BLACK FORUM BF 455L                LP 1972
Ossie Davis & Bill Cosby address The Congressional Black Caucus
A Ossie Davis - The Congressional Black Caucus 23:10  
B Ossie Davis & Bill Cosby - The Congressional Black Caucus 21:00 

Black Forum B 456L                                    LP 1972
Black spirits [festival of new black poets in America].
Introduced by Imamu Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones).
Recorded live at the Apollo Theatre, Harlem, New York.
Contents:Introduction / Imamu Amiri Baraka -- Circles ; Black is ; Nigger do
you ; This Llttle light of mine ; Ladybird ; What's happening to the heroes
/ Kali/ -- A folk fable for my people / Johari Amini -- Kitchen chair poem
#5 / Clarence Major -- Boppin' / David Henderson -- The poet the dreamer ;
Popsicle cold ; One-eyed critics ; Brothers the struggle must go on ;
Clairvoyance ; One for all ; Mind and soul after dark ; Allah ; Above karma
/ Norman Jordon -- Notes from a guerrilla diary / Aski Mohammed Toure -- The
original last poets. And see her image in the river ; Song of ditla part 2 /
Cain, Nelson, Luciano -- Pimp's last mack: a death request / Stanley Crouch
-- One thousand nine hundred and sixty eight winters / Jackie Earley -- Hip
men / Amus Moore -- Holy days / Larry Neal -- A history poem / Imamu Amiri

BLACK FORUM B 457L                             LP 1972
"It's Nation Time" - African visionary music
Imamu Amiri Baraka (Leroy Jones)

Poems; read by the author, with vocal and instrumental accompaniment. 
 Kutoa sifa --
 Answers in progress --
 All in the street --
 Come see about me --
 Peace in place --
 Bad news for your highness --
 Was gon' happen --
 Kutoa umoja --
 Come back, Pharaoh --
 Who will survive America --
 How Africans got to be Negroes --
 It's nation time --
 Pull the covers off --
 Pamoja tutashinda. 

BLACK FORUM BF 458L-DJ             LP 1973
Produced by Freddie Perren and Fonce Mizel
Program notes by Huey P. Newton and lyrics on sleeve inserted in container
A1 No Time
A2 Jonathan
A3 Can't Go Back
A4 All The Young and Fine Men
A5 Until We're Free
B1 I Know Who You Are
B2 Child In The World
B3 A Little Baby
B4 And We Shall Meet Again

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We're assisting a professor who has been asked to write an article for the
ARSC Journal on Motown's Black Forum label.  The only album we're missing is
the 1972 Amiri Baraka LP -  It's Nation Time - which appears to be extremely
rare. If anyone owns a copy they would be willing to sell, donate, or rip
please contact me directly.


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