Hi, Tom,

Welcome to W7!

I did put a Plextor CD/DVD drive in my studio tower in 2011, but I have 
never enjoyed the Roxio software and have been using Nero for about a 
dozen years. I did buy an updated version of Nero back in 2011 and I 
bought the upgrade recently, but have not yet installed it.



On 2014-05-07 2:46 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Yet another problem moving over to Win7 from XP. Roxio 6 and 7, both of
> which have been very reliable for all these years, won't install even
> with the XP emulator. We sprang for the latest version of Roxio's
> software, but it's such a POS that it literally won't copy CDs, claims
> not to recognize the CD drive in my Lenovo desktop that it just ripped
> data from! Roxio is unhelpful to say the least.
> Is there a better alternative out there? We need to be able to copy CDs,
> create and burn both audio and data CDs and DVD-R/+R media with the very
> common kind of low-grade generic drive installed in most Lenovo computers.
> -- Tom Fine
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