It's pretty much all in this superb recent set from Urlicht AudioVisual:


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Has everyone forgotten the songs? A still-notable recording of
Kindertotenlieder was made in 1928 by Heinrich Rehkemper and Jascha
Horenstein. And IIRC there's a scattering of individual songs as well.

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> There is not much but there is more than that. I think a few songs were
> actually recorded while he was still alive, the Oskar Fried recording of
> the Second Symphony came out in 1924, and Ormandy recorded it in the
> According to the (wonderful) Mahler Discography by Fulup (spelling?) the
> first Mahler Discography came out in 1932; it was one page long, but
> that's a page.
> (Off topic.) All my messages come through with obvious translations of
> some characters. Anyone know how I can avoid this?
> -Lofty
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> > Aside from the very obvious exception of Bruno Walter=2CI don't believe
> the=
> > re was much interest in Mahler before WWII.The 1940 (?) Dimitri
> Mitropolous=
> > Mahler with the NYPO is the only recording before the postwar period I
> am =
> > aware of.
> > =20
> > Roger