Any 78s shops?

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] introduction and a couple plugs for ARSC Conference

Hello ARSC folks,

This is a long time coming as I've been following the list for several years
now and have been a member for two.  As most of you know, Duke and Durham
are just down the road from Chapel Hill and it's exciting to have the
conference coming to our neck of the woods.  I'm looking forward to meeting
people, and especially talking to others who are doing A/V digitization work
for libraries, universities, and other cultural heritage institutions.  I'm
certainly interested in the technical side, but also interested in how your
departments are structured and where they sit within larger institutional
structures; the scope, classification, and job titles of your positions
(partially selfish motivation as my job will soon be "re-banded" and
redefined); and how you've grown and expanded your Digitization/Digital
Collections programs.  At Duke Libraries, we've really only begun investing
in audio and video digitization within the past several years and are very
much still in the growth stage.

Now, a couple plugs for things attendees might want to check out while in

For music collectors, CD Alley (on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill) and All Day
Records (Main St. in Carrboro) are both excellent shops dealing in new and
used records, CD's, tapes, books, etc.

On Thursday evening, Nightlight Bar & Club (Rosemary St., Chapel Hill) is
hosting a night of American Primitive/psych-folk guitar.
Should be a good time and good sounds (full disclosure: I'm one of the
performers).  Hope to see some adventurous folks out there!

Zeke Graves
Digitization Specialist
Digital Production  Center
Duke University Libraries
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