I feel for all you folks who are suffering through this Yahoo problem. I 
don't think any email system is 100% free of issues 100% of the time, 
but for the last eight years, I've had wonderful luck with 
hosting my web and email (I have about 20 email accounts there and about 
six domain names) all hosted for $9.95 per month. Each domain name costs 
approximately $15 per year to register -- I use Hover and Network 
Solutions (though I think they have a new name). GoDaddy is very 
popular, however I have no experience with them.

With this type of arrangement one has many more options, but, of course, 
there is more administrative effort and some setup. I think that there 
is a $5 per month (or less) service available at Hostgator that might 
fit the more casual user.

I also have backup email with Gmail and use it for some things, and 
another hosting account at (that is merely OK) that also has a 
backup email address--three separate email pathways to get to me. Gmail 
has been trouble free for over a decade, and the 1and1 account has been 
OK, but has had more outages than I liked for my primary service, hence 
my move about eight years ago to Hostgator.

To be clear, I switched to Hostgator about eight years ago, though I've 
had the domain since 1998. Even back then, I was tired 
of having my web URL and email address change when my ISP or other 
hosting provider changed.

Some of the easy-to-do things with a full-blown hosting account (I do 
recommend CPanel controlled accounts) is set up a mail forwarder so 
that, for example, when the boys were both in the youth orchestra at our 
church, I set up an email forwarder [log in to unmask] that went to 
both boys, my wife, and me, so we'd all be on top of the schedule demands.



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