For audio I think the best ripping and burning software is dbPoweramp
( It does extremely accurate copies to just about any format
(I usually use flac). Unfortunately it doesn't work with data.


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My only brush with Nero was years ago, when it came on a freebie CD along
with a dirt-cheap CD burner for one of the office computers. I recall it
being very primative but fast and effective. 
Hopefully, for $50, they've upped the capabilities, improved the user
inferface and kept it fast and effective.

Now the next PITA is figuring out a new CD index card program. Roxio 6 had a
very good one, and of course that file format is semi-compatible only with
their new POS software. I have thousands of CD index label files, which will
now have to be batch-printed to PDF.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 2014-05-07 3:40 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
>> Is this the Nero I want, Burning ROM?
> Hi, Tom,
> This is the component I use 99% of the time. I just checked and it has a
copy function, but I 
> never use that, I only seem to create CDs and DVDs from files on my local
drive or server (though 
> I generally copy the files across to the local drive to be safe, but
that's a holdover from the 
> old days, I think).
> Cheers,
> Richard
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