If you draw a blank in the US (seems unlikely?), the British Library here in
London has a copy of 1821-D:

Contributor: 	University of Notre Dame Orchestra
Contents note: 	Victory March.- Down the line - March
Label: 	COLUMBIA 1821 D
Label match: 	COLUMBIA1821D
Pressing code: 	xxu
Format: 	disc 2 sides 25 cm 78 rpm mono
Copy condition code: 	C

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Hello all!

I have a researcher who is looking for these recordings that involve 
University of  Notre Dame Glee Club or Marching Band members. We don't 
have any of these in our archives. Any help or hints are greatly 

"Columbia: 33343-F (matrix W147521, matrix W147522). 'Irish' marches 
with vocal refrain: University of Notre Dame fight songs."11/20/1928 78 
rpm phonograph record. Columbia Phonograph Co., #1821-D in the 
Viva-Tonal series. /The Victory March /and /Down the Line/, instrumental 
by University of Notre Dame Orchestra with vocal refrain.

The Notre Dame Glee Club recorded two songs on April 9 1926 for *Victor 
Talking Sound Co.: BVE-35299, Gounod's /Laudate Patrem/, and BVE-35300, 
Vittoria's/Ave Maria./*//Victor's ledger notes say there were 11 first 
tenors, 10 second tenors, 10 baritones and 8 basses made the recording, 
with Jack Butler '28 performing the solo on /Ave Maria/. Victor's ledger 
notes, which show that Victor never released the record, can be found 
online at 
recording took three hours in the Victor studio in New York City.The 
previous night their Park Lane Hotel concert had been broadcast live 
over WNYC radio./Alumnus /magazine/, /1926, p. 212.
Notre Dame Scholastic/magazine, vol. 66, issue 11, p. 10 (*Dec. 16, 
1932*) reported that theGlee Club recorded *"Irish Backs" and "Notre 
Dame Our Mother" for Sound Television Company*, and the recordings could 
be heard and purchased in the Main Building on campus.


*1948-49.*10" disk, 78rpm.*Capitol Records #764./Victory March; Notre 
Dame We Hail Th/*/ee./This earliest of the Pedtke-era commercial 
recordings, is listed in a Capitol Records discography as Capitol #764, 
probably recorded in early 1949: /see 

Thank you!

Erik Dix

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