Yes, it's true. I have SiriusXM. I've been listening to mainly 75 & 76, 
the classical channels, and the OTR channel. The 40s is not currently 
available, having been hijacked for Billy Joel for a period of some months.

The sound is very artifacted. There is a lack of hi freq content, a 
great deal of dynamic compression, and  - get this, and this is a big 
one - signal is lost going under a bridge or pulling into the gas 
station, or into the garage. That is looking back to AM radio.

I can also listen to 75 & 76 in the house as I get those 2 channels on 
Dish Network. There must be more bandwidth on satellite, as the 
artifacting, it's there, is not nearly as bad. Compression is.

joe salerno

On 5/16/2014 10:03 PM, Lou Judson wrote:
> I have never heard it myself, but I've been told that XM satellite "radio" is the worst sounding medium around. Izzit true?
> ALL pubic radio is distributed via 128 (mono) and 256k MP2, and I hear some good stuff on NPR occasionally, in the car and clock radio mainly...
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> On May 16, 2014, at 6:22 PM, Tom Fine wrote:
> The only thing worse-sounding than 128kbps MP3 is streaming Spotify and Pandora.

Joe Salerno