Hi Richard:

Unless she went to Holland and recorded it again, the Philips European LP info is incorrect. There 
are photos of Laretei and producer Harold Lawrence in the studio, plus the US LP liner notes say it 
was recorded in NYC a few days after she played it at Carnegie Hall.

-- Tom Fine

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> The cataloguing for the United States issue says "Recorded in New York
> City, Oct. 1965" while an entry for the European release claims "Recorded
> in Holland."
> In 1994, in Stockholm, the pianist recorded a CD for Proprius, (issued in
> 1995) which included part of* Ludus Tonalis* (Interludium "Vivace";
> Interludium "Moderato"; Fuga sexta in E-flat; Interludium "Valse").  The
> program also had eleven other pieces, both standard and obscure, by various
> eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century composers (including four of
> Chopin).
> Käbi Laretei's 2010 autobiography, written in Swedish, was titled *Toner
> och Passioner*: *Ludus tonalis*  (*Tone and Passion: Tone Play*).
> Richard Markowitz
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>> Thanks so much for the advice and info, Tom - to be honest, I didn't
>> realise
>> there was a US pressing, though I should have known. I only recently
>> learned
>> that it was a Fine Recording!
>> I will keep looking.
>> Best wishes,
>> Nick
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>> Hi Nick:
>> THANK YOU! ARSC List comes through!
>> As far as I know, the master is owned by Universal Music Group/Decca
>> Classics and is probably stored
>> in Germany with the Philips Classics master tapes.
>> Recommendation -- hold out for a European Philips pressing. The US version
>> is very noisy, and
>> pressed off-center so there's some wow. These are nearly 30-minute sides,
>> so
>> pressing quality is
>> key. The US version was pressed at the notorious Mercury Richmond IN plant.
>> The US version was cut
>> by George Piros. I assume one of the Philips engineers cut their European
>> version, although Fine
>> Recording sometimes sent lacquers over to the Philips plant in the 60s.
>> -- Tom Fine