Dear Randy,
May I mention your discovery in my work in progress:
Peace Songs: A documented playlist over 100 years of music. Collected and 
documented by Holger Terp, The Danish Peace Academy

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From: Randy A. Riddle
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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Contact at LoC or Packard on "War of the Worlds"

Lou --

I posted the set on my blog - scroll to the bottom of the post and you can
listen or download the show.

One of the missing bits is near the "blackened hand" section you mentioned.

There's two bits of Welles dialogue missing from the common Mannheim Fox
version, as well as one intriguing section - after the announcer reads
bulletins, in all the other versions, he says "One moment please ladies and
gentlemen … We take you to …".  In my version, after he says "One moment
please ladies and gentlemen", he goes "off mic" and says something to
another actor before going back to the on-mic dialogue.

It sounds minor, but is an interesting example of how the Mercury were
trying to make the show sound like a breaking news event with a bit of
confusion in the studio.

When I got the disc, I didn't realize it was a "live" lacquer master and
thought it was probably a dub - I played it once, transferring it to
digital.  The mp3 has the parts edited together, an NAB curve applied, and
a very light once-over with scratch/pop removal software.  It's not a full
restoration, but was a way for me to get the show in a format where I could
get comments on the lacquer set as I did some research on it.


On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 5:17 PM, Lou Judson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I would love to hear the missing bits! That is one radio program that I
> committed to memory when still a teen... scratchy records and all!
> There was always something so bleak about the moments after the big drama,
> when Orson is talking about the empty streets and the dogs with bits of
> black flesh in their mouths, as the scratches predominate for a few
> minutes...
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> On May 26, 2014, at 7:02 AM, Randy A. Riddle wrote:
> I'm getting back to a little research project I started last fall.
> Can someone recommend a contact at the Library of Congress or the Packard
> Campus that I could talk/email with about the 16" transcription set in
> their collection of "War of the Worlds"?
> Last year, I ran into a 78 rpm lacquer set of the broadcast that appear to
> be a "live" master created the night of the broadcast, rather than a dub
> created at a later point.  I've been trying to document known surviving
> transcriptions of "War of the Worlds" to see if my set might be useful for
> a restoration of the program and to figure out something about the origins
> of the set.
> On the LoC's disc set, I'd like to find out if they know the origin of the
> set (Was it donated by CBS?  An individual?  Another government agency?),
> any information on the labels, and what brand of lacquers might have been
> used.