Hi, Chris,

I was wondering what Google is doing and it APPEARS that you can elect 
to use it or not at this point but only with Google Apps domains. I 
still don't know about Google's intent for plain vanilla email.

Also of interest are a few more links that go into depth...for example, 
both SPF and DKIM must fail in order to fail DMARC. So, if you can set 
it up so that SPF does not fail, then your email should not fail DMARC. 
This is good to know, because, in theory, those of us who use our own 
domains could just expand our SPF domain listing to include the domains 
of our mailing lists (e.g.

This is a real mess, but it is also addressing a real problem.

On 2014-05-15 9:14 AM, CJB wrote:
> John Levine, a noted Internet mail expert, says ğUnfortunately, in the
> process of slamming the barn door after the horse left, AOL and Yahoo
> have crushed a lot of small animals on the way.Ğ [1]
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